Product Management Intern

During my internship at Publicis Sapient, I had the privilege of working closely with a project manager, shadowing their role and actively contributing to various tasks. One of the key projects I was involved in was the enhancement of a Law Firm's outdated website, which presented significant technical challenges and required collaboration across multiple teams.

Working alongside the project manager, I gained firsthand experience in observing their adeptness at managing a diverse group of colleagues and ensuring timely completion of tasks. The project involved a London team and a team based in India, responsible for back-end development. Actively participating in cross-team meetings, I acquired insights into how the project manager effectively coordinated and led both teams, fostering seamless collaboration and continuous updates.

During this internship, the project manager also provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the IT lifecycle and the product management process. I had the opportunity to witness the entire project journey, from inception to delivery, and gained insights into each phase's intricacies. I actively participated in design phase meetings, where I observed the team's decision-making processes and contributed to discussions.

As part of the design phase, I was assigned a project brief to conduct a competitive analysis of three key features: a country selector, an interactive map to locate offices and retrieve office details, and a people finder. The objective was to identify best practices in the market and examine how they were implemented successfully by other companies. The insights from this analysis would guide the design team's decision-making process and provide valuable insights into our client's needs, a professional law firm.

Throughout the project, I meticulously researched and evaluated a wide range of industries and companies, including direct competitors in the legal sector, such as large law firms similar to Ashurst. My competitive analysis findings were instrumental in informing the project's delivery, and I actively contributed my ideas and feedback, which were both challenged and accepted by my colleagues.

This internship at Publicis Sapient offered me a profound learning experience, providing me with firsthand exposure to project management in the IT industry. I witnessed the intricate dynamics of cross-functional teamwork, gained a comprehensive understanding of the product management process, and had the opportunity to contribute directly to a project's success.