My name is Andrew Chammas, and I am a dedicated Student Chartered Accountant with a diverse range of passions and experiences. While I was born in Britain, my heart is deeply connected to my Lebanese heritage, which has enriched my perspective and approach to life.

Although I am currently pursuing a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, my affinity for the financial industry has always burned brightly within me. This fervour was ignited during my studies of economics in Year 12, which sparked a growing interest that eventually flourished through immersive work experience at Coller Capital. With a family lineage steeped in engineering, my thought process naturally gravitates towards an analytical and solution-driven mindset. My exposure to this environment also fostered a genuine fascination for engineering, particularly fueled by my proximity to Heathrow Airport, where I would find myself captivated by the soaring planes overhead on a daily basis.

While I initially chose Aeronautical Engineering due to my fascination with planes, the skill set I acquired during my engineering studies has proven invaluable in the financial realm. The problem-solving acumen, analytical prowess, and effective communication skills that I honed during my degree have seamlessly translated into my pursuits within the financial sector.

Beyond my professional aspirations, I am an avid and lifelong swimmer, having immersed myself in this activity for as long as I can recall. My connection with water extended to playing water polo during my formative years, a testament to my passion for aquatic sports. My love for music has been a constant companion, evolving from early days of piano playing to my current engagement as a bedroom DJ. Outside of these pursuits, I find joy in clay pigeon shooting, navigating the fairways in golf, and indulging my culinary creativity through occasional cooking ventures.

In essence, I am a multi-faceted individual driven by curiosity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. My journey, encompassing diverse disciplines and experiences, has equipped me with a holistic perspective that I seamlessly apply to both my professional endeavours and personal passions.