Finance Analyst Intern

During my one-week internship at Coller Capital, I had the opportunity to shadow various departments within the organisation. This immersive experience provided me with insights into key functions such as Investments, Finance, Tax, Legal and Compliance, Events, Marketing, Human Resources, Cybersecurity, and Investor Relations. Through close interactions with professionals in each department, I gained a comprehensive understanding of their day-to-day responsibilities and deepened my knowledge of the secondary market and private equity industry.

Over the course of the week, I absorbed valuable information about Coller Capital's operations and its position within the secondaries private equity market. To consolidate my learning, I was tasked with presenting an overview of how each department contributed to the company's success. This exercise showcased my understanding of their respective functions and highlighted the interconnectedness of different teams within Coller Capital.

In particular, I was keen to explore the Finance department further. I proactively collaborated with the finance team, working overtime to assist them in analysing various fund reports. This involved interpreting and consolidating over 100 different fund reports, encompassing both physical and digital formats. I meticulously compiled the data to create a comprehensive and visually appealing finance report for the team.

By immersing myself in the finance team's activities, I gained practical exposure to fund analysis and financial reporting processes. This experience allowed me to apply my analytical skills to real-world scenarios, interpret complex financial information, and present it in a clear and concise manner.

My time at Coller Capital as a Finance Analyst intern was invaluable, as it provided me with a holistic understanding of the organisation's operations and the private equity industry. I further developed my financial analysis skills and enhanced my ability to synthesise and present complex financial data.