Data Analyst Intern

During my two-week work experience at Garrett Advancing Motion (formerly known as Honeywell) in France, I had the opportunity to shadow the dual turbo design team and gain valuable exposure to various team members. This experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of turbocharger design and its intricate components.

Throughout the program, I followed a structured schedule that allowed me to learn from skilled professionals, who shared the theory behind turbos and provided in-depth explanations of each component. I gained insights into the different stages of a turbocharger, including the compressor and turbine, and was fortunate to witness the entire manufacturing process, from start to finish, including quality control steps.

Collaborating closely with the dual turbo team, I actively participated in the review of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations using CATIA software. I contributed my opinions and insights to support the final design by identifying potential design flaws that caused air particles to backflow and collide with other fast-moving ones. I discovered that such flaws result in a loss of compressor speed and reduced airflow to the cylinders, significantly impacting performance.

During this internship, my primary responsibility involved collecting data from over 30 simulations and analysing the turbocharger prototype using computer simulations. I meticulously interpreted the data and presented my findings to the team, which influenced further advancements in the final design. This experience sharpened my data analytical skills as I synthesised complex information and contributed to the decision-making process.

Overall, my internship at Garrett Advancing Motion was highly insightful, providing me with the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, deepen my knowledge of turbocharger design, and develop crucial data analytical skills.